Saturday 5th December
11:45am - 4.45pm
Sunday 13th December
11:45am - 4.45pm

Crooked Pop-Up Portraits

Crooked Images Christmas in the valley/hills is back for our 5th year running this time we are setting up at Mandoon Estate for the first year ever, featuring their beautiful Australian wrap around porch for Santa photos at one station and another gorgeously styled setup without Santa for the second station.

Here is how it works:

The event will be running from 12pm - 4pm (depending how busy, we will do our best to stay open longer to get everyone seen if needed, though we have never had to turn anyone away before so don’t worry!) and registration will be open from 11:45am.

Our elves will be very busy setting up the TWO photo stations on the day and getting everything ready, so we are unable to offer registrations any earlier than that. Once registered, we will put you in the queue, you go and pull up a picnic, get yourself a drink/food and we will then text or call you once it’s your turn to shoot!

Your will have the opportunity to shoot at both stations, one will have Santa and one won’t, and parents are very welcome in the shots. After your shoot you will make your way over to the editors when you’re ready (whether there is a small wait on this we can’t say until the day but we will be getting through everyone as best as we can) and there you will choose which images you would like to purchase!

Prices are as follows:

LOW RES DIGITAL (screen/phone quality) $25 each


$65 for 3

HIGH RES DIGITAL (print quality) $40 each

FULL FAVOURITES GALLERY (up to 15 images) $250

Card and AfterPay payment options available!

Once you have chosen your images, you can go and enjoy the rest of your day, and we will send them out to you within 72 work hours via email download. That’s how easy it is!